Reaching to probable clients and fulfill their electronics need for the longer future. Wherever and whenever need arise.


Adapt the market place and go beyond the national market by producing electronic goods.

A Massage from the CEO

Nissan Electro International Ltd. is a dream from my experience I gather from my entire experience of work where I felt the lacking of quality electronic product. Nissan Electro is here to bring some quality electronic product as well as satisfy people with the good service. We are very happy to inform our customers that they are our first priority. Its our belief that we will achieve what we desire to make peoples life easy. In this century the importance of the electronic product is rising as our life is getting so much happening. 

Nissan Electro International Ltd. has the goal to manufacture the electronic products and reach internationally with the products as well as it will be a great pleasure for us to carry our flag internationally. It will a great achievement of pride and honor for all of us. For that we need only one thing-

Your Love and Support

 So keep us in your prayer, support us and be with Nissan Electro International Ltd. 

Who we are

Nissan Elctro International Ltd. is a dream, dedication and enthusiasm of some skilled people (established  1st August, 2019) who see the dream to manufacture quality electronic products in Bangladesh and reach that to you. In this comparative less quality full market it’s a initiative to erase peoples hard luck to find a good a quality full electronic product.

Now a days our life is getting busier day by day and its very hard to get every household and official chores done manually where various electronic product make it easier and good.

Nissan Elctro International Ltd. is very keen to maintain international standards in this competitive international market. We have very efficient, skilled and professional team of people who is always there to invent , produce and reach that product to you. They will be in touch with people even after deliver the product to ensure the best service for the people.

Because we are-

“Of the people, For the people.

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