Nissan Electro Limited is the fastest growing Electronics Industry in our country, has established it on 30 September 2019.

Nissan Electro International is the latest technology-oriented industry in Bangladesh and the company realized the value of the local brand and has established it in the heart of the common people of the country. From the beginning, the highest level of quality, after-sales service and customer satisfaction, speedy channel distribution, strong dealer network, modern show-room management and maximum employee satisfaction, also maximize our credibility to the country’s people. Nissan is a leading marketing company in the field of electronics in Bangladesh. Since 2019 Nissan Electro International has been continuously making progress surfacing newer grounds and surmounting higher goals. But our devotion is to the highest level of success in creating opportunities that forcing us to the track of ambition. Nissan started their business with only dealer business but now they have 120 Dealer and 07 depose in Bangladesh. Nissan is providing customers with high technology involved electronic home appliances with cash or hire purchase.

LED Television, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Fan, Iron, Rice Cooker, Induction Chula, Toaster, Blender, Washing Machine & Sandwich Maker are our product line & many more products are in pipeline to be introducing gradually. We are always considering the purchasing power of the common people and developing our design to the highest level of ethical standard. We always welcome the latest Technology in the industry and the extreme care of our valued customers. Our dream is to export our product all over the world, and to provide Eco-friendly products and to implement the highest standard of corporate and social responsibilities.

Technology is the key of Future - We also focus on it.


We have excellent R&D Team for Research & Design with new Technology that people can get more eco Friendly Electronics Products.


Yes ! We focus on it. Without Creativity can't innovation in our upcoming products. People love to buy with innovation and Quality. 


We have 64 district agent for Whole sale process. Any Dealer can place Order and collect our products through our own delivery way.


Work First & Service Fast of our main moto. We always focus clients thinking who want to get products as early as possible. We have this way.

Our Mission

Our main mission is the leading distribution of high quality electronics products is our country. Our highly innovative digital products will be a perfect of people’s everyday life. Our aim to be the leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality electronics products in Bangladesh and around the world, our highly innovative digital products will be a part of people’s everyday life.

Our Vission

Our vision is the serve to mass people electronics products is our country. We are providing latest technology and highest innovative digital products which are better than the competitors. Our vision is to manufacture products locally and to build Bangladeshi pride. We are providing Made by Bangladesh product and it includes the latest technology and highly innovative digital products which are better than the competitors. Our design is export-oriented and will touch the heart of the People`s desire from around the world.

Services Commitments

NEI Committed to all people about their products services. They will give the highest services of their products to the customers. NEI will become the acknowledged leader in electronic home appliance industry to provide quality products into reachable price.

Leadership will be achieved by establishing the industry standards of excellence for quality of service and by maintaining the broad loyalty relative to our service commitment.

Message from Management Body

Electronic goods play a vital role in our livelihood, and now a day which has become a basic need of the mass people. Even then nobody can think to enroll themselves in the modern digital world without any electronics goods. The world is changing rapidly. To cope up with the rapidly changing trend we are to adjust ourselves at per with the changing speed. Keeping this view in mind, we have established the industry to take part in the industrialization process for economic growth and creating employment opportunities for the country by producing better quality electronic goods without compromising the quality to supplement this basic need of the mass people.Our activities are also being carried out to replace the imported goods by producing and supplying the better quality one at a reasonable price. Our target is growth throw creativity and innovation by addressing social, economic and environmental justice. We are well furnished with a very strong research and development wing in compliance with both national and international rules. We fulfill our corporate social responsibility following the highest priority to human life and safety. We do our utmost to maximize our corporate values throw the promotion of CSR management being a trusted citizen of the country. We also do care about the values of our employees as well as the client.